Multiple Choice

The Multiple Choice Field is a closed-ended field type where people can select one or more values from a list of choices. You can select from a long list of field types and also you are given with the possibility of selecting where the field pulls its data from(datasource).

Field types:

Datasource types:

  • Page Content Templates
  • Portal Files
  • Portal Folder List
  • Containers
  • Portal Pages
  • Admin Pages
  • Host Pages
  • Portals
  • Modules
  • DNN Modules
  • Db Tables
  • DNN Email Templates Source
  • Credential Store Credential Groups
  • Credential Store Credential Types
  • Excel Columns
  • Module Items
  • Portal Aliases All
  • Portal Hosts
  • Roles
  • Stripe Connected Accounts(obsolete)
  • Stripe Connected Accounts
  • Tabs Pro Get Tabs
  • Time Zone List
  • Year Range
  • Items
  • SQL Query