Trumbowyg is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to transform a textarea into a HTML Editor. With the purpose to be a WYSIWYG editor, this plugin have less than 30kb and delivers very good tools, such as lists, font-sizes, alignment, images, links, etc… all of this with a clean design and great performance.

Initial Value

The fields loads initially having this value. Supports My Tokens so you can pull data from various sources such as user profile.

Image Manager Field

The selected image manager will be opened in a popup where you can upload or select images. A new ‘upload’ button will be added at the end of the button list. You can change it’s location by specifying it yourself in the Buttons parameter.


Input buttons, button groups or button dropdowns(defined below) in the order that you want them to appear in the editor, you can split items with pipe ‘|’ to form groups and inside the groups you can use comma ‘,’ to sepparate buttons. For more information you can use the Trumbowyg documentation.


Select the language for the button titles. Default is English

Button Groups

Name: Group Name | Value: Input the codes of the buttons sepparated by one space.

Button Dropdowns

Create new button dropdowns to use in the ‘Buttons’ list


Generates a better, more semantic oriented HTML (i.e. em instead of i, strong intsead of b, etc.).

Dark theme

Changes the color scheme to black

Save to Report

The field will be saved in Reports.

Allow Tokens

When this option is on, Action Form will replace tokens in input submitted by users.