Barcode Scanner

The Barcode scanner field is a barcode reader for Code128, Code93, Code39, Standard/Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar and EAN-13 barcodes.

It supports one barcode in one image and detects what type of barcode there is.

This field allows you to scan barcodes using your device’s camera. It’s very easy to use - click on the Upload button, allow it to use your Camera device, just take a photo over the barcode and press OK. After just a few seconds, the Barcode Scanner finds a match and appends the corresponding code into the Action Form’s input.

The scanning process has two operating modes:

  • Upload - it scans the barcode from an image (which you can take on the spot or select from your device’s gallery);
  • Scan - it launches the camera and waits until it finds a valid barcode in the visual field.

Devices compatibilities:

  • Upload

    • Windows/Android device with Chrome over a http domain
    • iOS, MacOS device with any browser
    • any other Operating System out there with a mobile browser and/or a camera (the camera is not mandatory as it also works with images from the gallery)
  • Scan

    • any Windows/Android device with Firefox, Edge or Chrome over a https domain