Developer Documentation

About this documentation

This documentation is intended for people developing on the Plant an App platform. It can either be used as a manual and read from start to end or as a reference by using the search function and the menus.

It’s structured as follows:

  • Modules: These are the blocks used to build the application, such as forms, grids, APIs and so on.
  • Actions: These represent the logic of the applications. Actions can be used to build workflows that are triggered based on user actions (such as a button click), on API calls or on scheduled tasks.
  • Add-ons: These are extensions to modules. They are separated from modules because they represent very specific functionality (for example Barcode generation) and have their own development cycles.
  • Integrations: Similar to add-ons, except these refer to integrations with 3rd party services and products, such as Excel, Mailchimp, Clickatel, Paypal and so on.

How to contribute

This documentation is open source, therefore anyone can contribute by oppening a pull request against the GitHub repository. More information can be found here.


For inquires, contact us through the Help Center.